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Grass fed and finished, dry aged double cut steaks have arrived at Red House Ranch.

November 14, 2021

We're so excited to roll out these new grass fed beef cuts - check these out!

Double cut Porterhouse, NY Strip, and T-bone steaks - a full 2 inches thick.

Nicely marbled. Perfectly trimmed. 

Strictly grass fed and grass finished.

These meaty morsels are tender, juicy, and packed with beefy flavor. 

So, fire up your grill or get out your favorite cast iron pan, uncork a bottle of red, and share these with only your very best friends. 

Wait, wait - there's more.

We love beef. But you knew that already. 

Because we love the flavor and nutritional value of grass fed beef so much here's another heads up - we've got more extra special, limited quantity beef treats in store for you.

Watch for our newsletter on Sunday to learn more about a couple not so easy to find cuts; whole beef shanks and the picanha roast.  

Expect big beefy flavor and tender texture from beef shank when prepared LOW AND SLOW

in your smoker or roasted in your oven.  

The picanha roast - prepare it whole or slice, skewer and cook over fire. 

We farm for long term health at all levels: soil, people, animals, and planet.

Thank you for supporting Red House Ranch!

Ike, Dave, and Chris

Real food for better health 

P. S. – We will not be shipping the week of Thanksgiving. Last chance to have meat treats delivered to your door before Thanksgiving is to place your order by MIDNIGHT - THIS SUNDAY - NOVEMBER 14.  

Any questions? Reach out to Chris. She loves to chat and would love to help you find what you need. Call/text her cell at 570.847.5808 or launch an email to

Chris Mallula

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