FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. Packaging is curbside recyclable!

New Shipping Program

November 5, 2021

A number of you have asked us to make it easier to try some of our real food for better health without spending $150 to qualify for free shipping. 

We heard you!

Here's the deal - with a minimum order of just $50 you can have your favorite meat treats delivered directly to your door for a flat shipping rate of $24.95. 

So go ahead. Give us a try! 

Speaking of shipping - we've experienced delays with Fed Ex delivery all summer long.

We only expect this to get worse going forward, especially over the holidays.

Rest assured, we're taking every precaution to make sure your grass fed steaks and burgers arrive in perfect condition. But, be aware your order may not arrive the next day. 

And, if your order is not in good condition when it arrives - we want to hear about it! We will gladly replace or refund. 

More about shipping...

Heads up - we will NOT be shipping the week of Thanksgiving.

If you would like to receive grass fed and finished beef or pastured pork and chicken before the week of Thanksgiving we need to have your order in hand by midnight on Sunday, November 14. 

Of course, you're always welcome to pick up at the farm - just let us know when, so we can be sure to have your order ready. 

And, if you're wondering precisely where we ship - check out the map below.


Farm News this week -

Did you think that farming is kind of glamorous? Excessive rainfall has made it difficult for Dave and Ike to extend an underground water line to the silvopasture for our piggies. A reliable water supply is essential to the well-being of our animals so, whatever the weather, it must be done before the snowflakes start to fly. 

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