Beef Neck Roast

Beef Neck Roast

4.5 lbs each
$9.98 /lb.
Avg. 4.5 lb.

You won't find this cut in the grocery store! Neck meat usually ends up in the trim bin for ground beef. We've asked our skilled butchers to wrap up a few neck roasts for smoking or oven braising. Done right, the neck roast is robustly beefy and incredibly tender. Try one today!

With a consistency similar to oxtail this cut is from the grass fed beef neck. Beef neck roast is a nice combination of muscle, fat, bones, and tendons which makes it a fantastic cut for smoking or braising.

Low and slow is the key to breaking down the connective tissue and developing delicious beef flavor. To produce meltingly tender beef that is easily pulled apart, cook your roast to about 180°F. You'll need to plan for a few hours of cook time for the best result but it's really worth the extra effort.

Beef neck makes a superior tortilla filling as well as a delicious cut to serve with mashed potatoes or polenta.