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Glazed Beef Shanks with Coffee and Peanuts by Chef Mashama Bailey
Chef Mashama Baileys' beef shanks roasted in a gingery, garlicky, spicy, nutty, tomato sauce result in meltingly, tender beef with incredible flavor. The ingredients are unusual but, WOW, this dish packs some intense flavor and is now a permanent page in our collection of beef recipes. This recipe takes some time and planning but truly, it is worth the effort. The chiles pack some serious heat - if you like it mild, go easy on the chiles de arbol.
Cornell Chicken
Invented by Dr. Robert Baker, a Professor Emeritus of the Department of Animal Sciences at the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, Cornell Chicken has become a specialty of New York State. Originally formulated for smaller birds from local farms this recipe results in tender, juicy, smokey, delicious grilled chicken. Marinate and baste in the mixture below and you won't be disappointed.
Bone Broth Made with Grass Fed Beef Bones or Pasture Raised Stewing Hens
This is a great way to start eating "nose to tail". Our grass fed beef bones and our stewing hens make wonderfully rich broth for drinking, as a nutritious base for soup or sauces.