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Real Food for
Better Health

100% Pasture Raised Beef, Chicken, Eggs, and Pork

Delivered directly to your door from Van Etten, NY

Our mission is to produce wholesome, deeply nutritious, and sustainable food that improves the health and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet.


Better for the Planet

Support life at every level, starting in the soil.

✔️ Help sequester carbon underground 

✔️ Improve water quality 

✔️ Increase biodiversity 

✔️ Improve and regenerate soil year after year without synthetic fertilizers

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Better for the Animals

Happy animals are raised naturally.

✔️ 100% on pasture, outdoors, in the fresh air

✔️ Moved daily to the best quality grass

✔️ No antibiotics, artificial hormones

✔️ No GMOs or synthetic chemicals.

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Better for You

The result? Nutrient-dense meat and eggs.

Did I mention that it's more delicious than anything you’ll find in the grocery store?

A better diet can be a powerful solution to chronic illness. Dave and Ike reversed their symptoms through diets high in pasture-raised, animal proteins.

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Don't take our word for it.
Here's what our customers say:

We have just received our first order of beef and the taste was excellent. I will recommend the Red House Ranch to all our friends & family.
THE best quality meat in the United States. From the micronutrient density of the cuts to the ‘feel-good’ agricultural processes. Red House Ranch pioneers a precedent that I wish were an industry norm.
Dan Tonna
If you love bacon, you've got to try Red House Ranch's. The bacon crisps beautifully and the flavor is heavenly. And while you're at it, try their farm-fresh eggs, too, for a perfect breakfast.
Kathryn Boor
We buy meat, eggs, and now garlic from Red House Ranch. It is clear that the sustainable farming methods they use result in fresher and significantly better tasing products. The pork chops are phenomenal! Customer service is outstanding and the relationship Red House Ranch owners Ike, Dave and Chris strive to make with their customers will make you feel like part of the family.
Karen Warfle

How to eat for better health:

Shop Farm Direct

Head to our online store to browse our amazing selection of clean, nutrient-dense meat and eggs. Place an order, and it will be delivered right to your door!

Stock Your Home With Goodness

When your kitchen is filled with ample farm-direct foods, you are ready to cook delicious and nourishing homemade meals anytime.

Eat Better & Feel Better

Diet and health go hand in hand. The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants, the healthier the animals, and the healthier you! We are here to support your health!

We ship everywhere in the Northeast!


Our customers LOVE our farm food:

Such a lovely, magical place! All goods provided, from the fresh farm eggs to the amazingly delicious steaks were incredible! Highly recommend!
Alby Rojas
The customer service and quality of their products is incredible. If you're buying commercially raised meat from your local grocery store - even Black Angus - do yourself a favor and order from Red House. Their beef is superior in every way AND you know where it comes from!
John Kattato
Can honestly taste the difference in the meat being naturally fed and organic then the store bought meat. I can tell they really put a lot of work into the farm!!!
Sparky Sr
Red House Ranch is a breath of fresh air. This farm is truly producing the highest quality meat. It was refreshing to see how the animals live. The cows graze in open pastures, while the pigs rummage in the woods. Dave and Ike even feed the pigs apples! It’s important to know not only where your meat comes from, but to know how well the animals are treated. Their superb treatment even comes through the flavor of the food! This is the future of farming - how it should be!
Micaela Fisher

Meet the Farmers

Ike & Dave

After 30 years at desk jobs, we decided to skip retirement and return to the family farm so we could bring the amazing benefits of pasture-raised meat to our community.

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"Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."

-Michael Pollen