Pasture Raised Organic Chicken

Direct from Jordan Farms, LLC in Nichols, NY

Red House Ranch has partnered with Justian and Faith Jordan of Jordan Farms to bring you the very best in local, pasture raised, organic chicken. Justian and Faith Jordan farm the way we do - with the health and well being of their birds a top priority. Jordan Farms chickens live outside in the sunshine and fresh air on lush green pasture. Their diet of bugs, grubs, grass and seeds is supplemented with non-GMO, organic grain. Jordan Farms chickens have no exposure to routine antibiotics or hormones of any kind. We're delighted to bring you whole or half chickens, and all your favorite cuts for the very best in flavor, nutrition, and peace of mind; you know where this meat comes from and you know your farmers - Ike and Dave Mallula of Red House Ranch now partnering with Justian and Faith Jordan of Jordan Farms, LLC.
Humanely raised | Antibiotic-free | Hormone-free | GMO-free

Eating nose to tail includes poultry!

Jordan Farms and Red House Ranch think alike. We both work very hard to produce real food for better health for our families and for yours. We don't like to see anything go to waste from the animals that we humanely raise and ultimately nourish us. Be sure to check out some of our not so popular cuts like liver, chicken feet, backs, and stewing hens. Our chicken feet make great raw pet treats. Or, add a few feet to your stock pot with backs or stewing hens to make the best chicken broth you've ever tasted. Chicken liver pate? It doesn't get any better than when you make your own with organic, pasture raised chicken liver from Jordan Farms. Red House Ranch has all the cuts you need to make your homemade culinary adventures fun and successful. You won't find these at the grocery store.