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Pasture-Raised Chicken Necks for Stock

Pasture-Raised Chicken Necks for Stock

Pasture-raised chicken necks are an integral component of the rich broth in our family’s favorite chicken noodle soup!

Chicken necks consist of bone, fat, lean meat, and connective tissue. They are full of nutrients that get released during the broth making process.

The necks alone are too small to make a good pot of broth, but we always add some in when making chicken bone broth. Our antibiotic free chicken stocks become extra silky thanks to the connective tissue in the necks. 

Each package of Red House Ranch Chicken Necks contains a bit over a pound of necks which is the perfect amount to add to one or two batches of broth. 

** Did you know that pasture-raised chicken has increased vitamin D? Vitamin D is necessary for bone health and helps to improve your mood. **