About Us

Ike and Dave Mallula

From the cubicle to the farm

Dave and Ike Mallula are the farmers at Red House Ranch. They grew up on the family farm where their lifelong interest in quality food began. Both eventually moved to the city, attended college, and spent 30 years at desk jobs. But after reversing their own chronic health issues with pastured meat and paleo diets, they decided to skip retirement and return to the family farm so they could bring the benefits of these amazing products to their community.

Our health journey

A note from farmer Ike

"After years of suffering with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, inflammation, and sore joints, I made the switch to a paleo and keto diet that incorporated pasture-raised meat. I chose to seek out pastured meat, knowing that animals raised on pasture inherently produce more nutrient dense proteins and fat while at the same time sequestering carbon, improving the fertility of the land. The change completely turned my health around, and I reversed all of my symptoms. 

After making similar diet changes, my brother, Dave, a type 1 diabetic, was able to cut his insulin in half. 

We believe in what we do because we’ve seen the effects firsthand. We just feel so much better! We’ve dedicated our lives to this type of farming because we’re passionate about sustainability and we want to help others improve their health, too."

--Farmer Ike.

The history of the farm

In 1928 our grandparents Isak and Lyyli Mallula—immigrants from Finland—purchased 100 acres in Van Etten, NY. Since then, this farm has seen four Mallula generations pass through it. Isak, Lyyli, and subsequent generations experimented with a number of different enterprises: dairy, a chicken and egg laying business, Hereford cows, row crops, and firewood. With the rise of industrial farming in the late 20th century, it became harder and harder to get by. Ruth and Issac, our parents, decided to stop farming in 1986.

For decades this farmland was used for hunting, horseback riding, and hiking. But after discovering the promises of sustainable farming for both the planet and our own health, we, Dave and Ike, started making plans to revitalize the property.

We poured ourselves into self-education, attending conferences and lectures and reading dozens of books and articles from sustainable farming experts like Greg Judy and Joel Salatin. We decided together to quit our day jobs in 2015 to dedicate ourselves fully to the farm, and we haven’t looked back since.

What Our Customers are Saying

Can honestly taste the difference in the meat being naturally fed and organic then the store bought meat. I can tell they really put a lot of work into the farm!!!
Sparky Sr.
Great place for clean, healthy and humane meat and eggs. We Highly recommend this family farm for great tasting food.
Ike and Dave take such great care of their animals, it really comes through in the flavor of the food. This is what a sustainable farm should be!
Craig C.