Pasture Raised Chicken Wings

Pasture Raised Chicken Wings

Per Pound (typically 3 lbs bag)
$15.00 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Smoked, grilled, or baked - organic, pasture raised chicken wings from Outryder Farms are a savory, tender treat. 

The picture does NOT represent how many wings are in each pack.  Each pack of wings contains about 10 wings and weighs just over 3 pounds. If you're making wings - you need a lot, right?

We are delighted to bring you chicken wings from our friends Lawrence and Livia of Outryder Farms in Interlaken, NY.  

These chickens are raised by Outryder Farms in collaboration with the Finger Lakes Cider House

Their birds are humanely raised outdoors on pasture every day, without antibiotics, hormones or steroids. They are fed organic grains and never fed any animal by-products. You can see and taste the difference! 

These are very special gourmet chickens called Red Rangers. They perform better on pasture than the classic white leghorn birds that everyone else raises. Red Rangers are slow growing and take about 10 weeks to raise to maturity.  Not your ordinary chicken and you won't find them in the grocery store.