Pasture-Raised Stewing Hen

Pasture-Raised Stewing Hen

$8.00 /lb.
Avg. 2.5 lb.

We are able to offer pasture raised stewing hens because of our strong commitment to sustainability on the farm. 

Stewing hens are laying hens that have become older and less productive. Red House Ranch laying hens produce about 1,500 eggs per day. To maintain this level of egg production we bring in new flocks of young laying hens about twice a year. As the new flocks arrive some of the oldest, least productive hens are removed and processed for stewing hens.

These birds are NOT the same as our whole pastured chickens. They are several years old and have been bred for optimal egg laying rather than optimal meat production. However, they make delicious soups and stews - and processing them helps us to decrease waste.

We like to use the stewing hens to create nutrient rich bone broth. We roast the birds until golden brown, then cook covered in water for 24 hours at 190 degrees with carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and herbs. Once your broth has cooled enough to handle, strain and freeze in quart containers. Stewing hens make the best bone broth we've ever tasted. 

Each Red House Ranch Stewing Hen weighs roughly two and a half pounds. We recommend one to two hens per batch of broth or soup.

** Did you know that pasture-raised chicken is high in iron. Iron helps the body produce red blood cells and is necessary for reducing fatigue.**