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Pasture-Raised Chicken Feet

Pasture-Raised Chicken Feet

Per Pound (typically 1-2 lb packages)

Pasture raised chicken feet are the secret ingredient in our family’s extra nutritious bone broth!

Chicken feet come whole. They consist primarily of bones, tendons, cartilage, and skin. All of these components are full of nutrients and collagen that get transferred to whatever dish they are cooked into.

Braised chicken feet are a staple of Chinese dim sum and a delicacy to many! At our house, we mostly use them for big batches of bone broth with the holy trinity (celery, onions, and carrots), Herbes de Provence, peppercorns, two chicken feet, and any leftover chicken bones. It's a wonderful pick-me-up for cold days or after a long workout. 

Each package of Red House Ranch chicken feet weighs about a pound and a quarter. We recommend ordering a package or two to use to supplement your next broth project.

** Did you know that pasture-raised chicken is higher in iron than conventional chicken? Iron helps the body produce red blood cells and is necessary for reducing fatigue.**