Our Philosophy

Our goal at Red House Ranch is to produce food that our grandparents would recognize.  They might not recognize some of our methods or technologies, but they would certainly recognize the high-quality, grass-fed meat and eggs.  In 1928, they understood that there was no need for imported fertilizers and we are following in their footsteps.  We let our animals do the fertilizing for us and utilize a farming model that increases the biodiversity, growth, and fertility of our perennial pastures and harnesses the power of the sun, good soil and animal poop.

Our mission is to provide superior quality grass-fed products that are nutritious, raised without the use of industrial fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics or added growth hormones.  We will be using several unique production methods that we have honed over the last few years as we have visited and worked with a range of successful sustainable farmers and ranchers.  You can learn more about our processes below.  Our links page has more information on the books, blogs, websites, and videos that influenced our mission and methods.


Our chickens are raised outdoors in chicken tractors that are moved daily to provide them with fresh grass and plenty of space for the growing birds to scratch for insects.  They are also fed supplemental, organic, non-GMO feed.  Chickens are happiest outside in the grass and sun, and happy chickens make for tasty roast chicken.


We raise our pigs using the silvopasture method.  Silvopasture utilizes the area under a partial forest canopy to raise pork or cattle.  This lets us take advantage of land that is not traditionally used for animal production. Pigs are highly intelligent and raising them outside in forest areas provides the most stimulating environment to complement their innate curiosity.  Being outdoors, in the sun, and able to exercise freely produces superior pork that will make you wonder why you ever put up with the “other white meat” for so long.  In addition, having pigs rooting and disturbing the soil in forested land exposes the native seed bank so new plants can grow.  The pigs provide natural fertilizer that further encourages new growth on the forest floor.  Frequent movement to new forest lots helps avoid many typical hog ailments and assures they have access to lots of new rooting area as they grow.


Our cows are raised with the mob grazing technique.  Mob grazing is a method of frequently moving cattle for optimal nutrient availability.  Frequent daily moves ensure cows have access to the top one-third of the growing grass.  This part of the grass contains the most carbohydrates which is very desirable for ruminates and helps them grow quickly and accumulate the most nutritious fatty acid compounds.  Cows are also provided with “free choice” minerals which allows them to choose mineral intake.  This optimizes their nutrient intake to further assure that we are producing the most nutrient dense products possible.