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1/8th Beef Value Bundle

Our best value: this is a very convenient and cost effective way to stock up on our grass-fed and finished beef. Included in this selection are steaks for special occasions, roasts for slow cooking and ground beef for quick meals. This will have a total weight of 35 pounds and will take up about 2 cubic feet of freezer space.

(6 lbs) Steaks:

2 Filet Mignon

2 NY Strip Steaks

2 Rib steaks

(9 lbs) Comfort, low and slow cooking: 

1 Chuck Roast

1 Eye Roast

4 Beef Meat for Stew

(20 lbs) Ground and quick cooking:

16 (1 lb. pkgs) Ground Beef Beef

1/2 POUNDERS preformed beef hamburger patties, 4 burgers in this pack

1/4 POUNDERS preformed beef hamburger patties, 8 burgers in this pack

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