Beef Marrow Bones

Beef Marrow Bones

$8.00 /lb.
Avg. 1.5 lb.

Beef Marrow Bones are a treat beloved by both the humans and the dogs in our life! 

Marrow bones are cut from the femur bones of the cow. Each one is a hollow bone that is filled with bone marrow. Grass Fed bone marrow is full of the nutrients collagen, which helps with bone and joint health, and adiponectin, which helps break down fats and has been tied to a lower risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. 

When humans are eating bone marrow, it is best to roast the bones in the oven before scooping out the marrow and serving it on toast or eating it by the spoonful. It has an intense umami flavor and rich buttery texture. Marrow bones can also be added to soups and stocks for extra richness.

Dogs also love marrow bones. We give our farm pup one marrow bone a week and he’ll spend hours chewing it. Make sure to only give dogs raw bones. 

Please note that our packs are a little different than the picture. Each pack contains one bone and they are six to seven inches long.

Each package of Red House Ranch beef marrow bones weighs roughly half a pound which is enough for three people or pups! 

** Did you know grass-fed ruminants are the richest source of CLAs? 3-5 times more than conventional beef! CLAs may be an amazing defense against cancer. **