Beef Porterhouse Steak 1 1/4" Thick

Beef Porterhouse Steak 1 1/4" Thick

$34.00 /lb.
Avg. 2 lb.

Can’t decide between enjoying our grass-fed beef as a filet mignon or a NY strip? Get the best of both worlds with a Porterhouse steak!  AND these are thick, a full 1 - 1/4 inches of richness.

The porterhouse steak is cut from the rear end of the short loin, which is the top section of the cow between the ribs and the back leg. Each steak consists of a piece of bone with a NY strip steak attached on one side and a piece of tenderloin attached on the other. It is really a win-win cut and the perfect way to enjoy our pasture-raised beef! 

All this steak needs is salt and pepper and a hot and fast cook over a grill or on your stove. We recommend cooking to an internal temperature of 130° for a great medium rare finish.

Each Red House Ranch Porterhouse Steak weighs roughly a pound and is enough to feed one to two people.