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Beef Shank Whole

Beef Shank Whole

Each shank weights about 4 pounds

Our whole beef shanks are true winners when cooked to perfection. Roasted, grilled, or smoked, the meat will fall off the bone and become so tender it will melt in your mouth.

The beef shank is the lower part of the cow's leg. It consists of a bone-marrow filled piece of bone surrounded by lean, richly flavored meat. The lean meat is full of protein and omega fatty acids, while the bone marrow adds fat and flavor to any recipe. Our whole beef shank is not cut into pieces, but is instead the entire bone surrounded by muscle.

This cut needs a long slow cook in order to become fork tender. One of our favorite clean eating recipes is a simple braised beef shank in bone broth with farm fresh vegetables. You can also use this cut to make osso bucco, or even cook it whole in a smoker. Whichever way you prepare it, make sure to have a large pan!

Each Red House Ranch whole beef shank weighs four pounds and will feed four to six people.

**Did you know grass-fed ruminants are the richest source of CLAs? 3-5 times more than conventional beef! CLAs may be an amazing defense against cancer. **