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Beef Shank (AKA Soup Bones OR Osso Bucco)

Beef Shank (AKA Soup Bones OR Osso Bucco)

Our grass-fed beef shank combines richly flavorful meat with creamy bone marrow to be the best stewing cut in the shop. 

Beef shank is cut from the leg of the animal. Each piece is a cross section of lean, tough muscle surrounding a bone-marrow filled piece of bone. The lean meat is full of protein and omega fatty acids, while the bone marrow adds fat and flavor to any recipe. 

This cut needs a long slow cook in order to become fork tender. It is classically used for osso bucco, but one of our favorite clean eating recipes is a simple braise in bone broth with farm fresh vegetables. Either way, the texture and flavor cannot be beat!

Each package of Red House Ranch beef shank weighs about a pound and a quarter and will feed one to two people. The packages say “beef soup bone” but they are in fact cross sections of the shank with lots of meat on them. 

**Did you know grass-fed ruminants are the richest source of CLAs? 3-5 times more than conventional beef! CLAs may be an amazing defense against cancer. **