Beef Rib Roast - Boneless and Tied

Beef Rib Roast - Boneless and Tied

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What an absolute treat to be able to find a grass-fed beef rib roast produced right here in Van Etten, NY in the heart of the southern Finger Lakes Region.

Our grass fed and finished beef rib roast is a holiday meal centerpiece like no other.

Here at Red House Ranch our favorite way to prepare this is to season with salt and pepper and roast slowly over wood coals in the Weber til rare to medium rare.

This is a dish that is NOT to be rushed and must not be overcooked. Keep close tabs on the internal temp of your roast and be sure to pull it off the grill or out of the oven just before it reaches your desired level of doneness.

The result is mildly smokey, tender, moist and just plain beautiful to look at. Let your roast rest once it comes off the grill or out of the Traeger or oven before slicing.

Don't get us wrong...a rib roast like this prepared in the oven is wildly delicious as well. The savory aroma of beef roasting in the kitchen will have your holiday guests drooling when they walk through the door.

More about this cut; A beef rib roast is cut from the middle rib portion of the animal. This is where rib steaks and Delmonicos come from. Rather than slicing this large muscle into steaks it is left whole with or without the rib bones and tied for even cooking.

There is a good amount of marbling in this cut which results in tender, moist, flavorful beef.

This year we've asked our skilled butchers to bone and tie our roasts for ease of preparation and slicing at the table. Once your roast comes out of the oven, allow it to rest before slicing. You and your guests will absolutely love this roast. Be prepared for little to no leftovers.

We recommend seasoning your rib roast simply with salt and pepper to let the grass-fed beef flavor shine through.

Allow your roast to come to room temperature before roasting. Then roast in the oven until it reaches a temperature of 130° for medium rare.

Each Red House Ranch rib roast weighs 4-5 pounds; at least 6-8 servings.