Beef, Thin Shaved

Beef, Thin Shaved

1 pound per pack

This thin shaved grass-fed beef makes the best Philly cheesesteaks we’ve ever had!

Our processor has this labeled as Sandwich Steak each pack is hand cut into thin quick cooking slices.

Thin shaved beef consists of very thin slices of beef cut from a large lean muscle such as the round. Each piece is high in protein and very nutrient dense. 

Shaved beef should be cooked very quickly at high heat to keep the meat juicy and tender rather than tough or stringy. We recommend using this cut in steak sandwiches or for fast stir fries.

Each package of Red House Ranch Thin Shaved Beef weighs a pound which is enough pasture raised beef to feed two people. 

 **Did you know that grass-fed beef is higher in total omega-3s than conventional beef? Omega-3s help with mental health, eye health, and may improve sleep along with other benefits.**