Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon

1/2 Pound Pack

The perfect slice for eggs Benedict!

Is Canadian bacon really "bacon"?

Honestly, no it's not. This smoked cut is "bacon" in name only.

Canadian style bacon is made from the pork loin; the same cut from which we get pork chops, or loin chops.

Pork loin is a lean muscle surrounded by a fat cap, which makes this type of bacon more protein-rich and way less fatty than traditional belly bacon.

Equally delicious...but not the same. Canadian bacon is actually smoked pork loin sliced thin.

Nevertheless - Canadian-style bacon is delicious, lean, and pure protein. It can be used in a number of ways.

The most popular might be on eggs benedict or in a breakfast sandwich. It's a handy cut if you're hungry for the taste of ham but don't need a whole ham. It's a perfect pizza topper or slip a slice into your grilled cheese sando for a protein and flavor boost.

Canadian style bacon is fully smoked and cooked which means that all you have to do is crisp it up in a pan.

Each package of Red House Ranch Canadian style bacon weighs 1/2 pound which is enough to serve 2 people.