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Pasture Raised Canadian-style Bacon

Pasture Raised Canadian-style Bacon

It’s hard to think of a better healthy eggs benedict filling than our canadian style bacon! 

Canadian style bacon is made from the pork loin which lies against the spine in the middle of the pig. The pork loin is a lean muscle surrounded by a fat cap, which makes this type of bacon more protein-rich and less fatty than traditional belly bacon. Our canadian style bacon is made from pasture-raised pork and is nitrate free which makes it clean eating friendly.

Canadian style bacon is fully smoked and cooked which means that all you have to do is crisp it up in a pan. We recommend serving this cut for breakfast in an eggs benedict or on a breakfast sandwich. It is also a great addition to a homemade hawaiian pizza!

Each package of Red House Ranch Canadian style bacon weighs a pound which is enough to serve three to four people. 

** Did you know that pasture-raised pork has higher levels of vitamin E than conventional pork? Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that prevents cell damage. It may help to manage diabetes as well! **

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