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Beef Delmonico Steak, 1 1/4 inches thick

Beef Delmonico Steak, 1 1/4 inches thick

Each Delmonico weights about .6 pounds

Our 100% grass fed and finished Delmonico steaks are full of flavor and nutrient-packed.

The Delmonico is cut from the center of the chuck, which is the front shoulder of the cow. The muscles that form this steak are the extension of the muscles that form the ribeye, which means that it shares that characteristic combination of marbled muscle and intermuscular fat.

Delmonico steaks are best when the meat and fat are given some time to begin to break down. One way to prepare is over indirect heat on the grill or doing a reverse sear. To reverse sear, begin by cooking the steaks in a 325° oven until they reach your desired internal temperature. Then sear the steaks in a hot pan on the stove top or grill to get a nice crust. 

Each package of Red House Ranch Delmonico steaks weighs roughly .6 lbs, or serving for one.

** Did you know that grass-fed beef is higher in vitamin A than conventional beef? Vitamin A helps to preserve eyesight, maintain healthy bones, and have healthy growth and reproduction. **