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Eggs, 15 dozen, in flats, Organic Fed

Eggs, 15 dozen, in flats, Organic Fed

One Dozen @ $5.00/dozen

Our hens roam free,

under the big oak tree.

The breeze rustling their feathers,

enjoying the sunny weather.

Happy gals laying,

and little chicks playing.

Produced by local folks,

creating your breakfast yolks.

Eggs with the most delicious flavor,

you'll certainly savor!

The nitty gritty: Our hens are free range, cage free, and pasture-raised. We never give them antibiotics and their food is ORGANIC AND GMO-free. They have constant access to fresh grass and spend most of their day outside dust bathing, scratching in the grass, and enjoying the sun. At night, they roost in a heated, protected house with all their sisters. Unlike factory-farmed eggs, our hens live a healthy life with access to the proper nutrients meaning they are happier, healthier animals with healthier more nutritious eggs.