Pasture Raised Pork Ham Steak

Pasture Raised Pork Ham Steak

One Steak per Pack
$12.85 /lb.
Avg. 2.25 lb.

Ham steaks are the solution when you're hungry for the smokey savory flavor of ham but a whole ham is a bit much. 

Nothing fuels our busiest days better than a breakfast that includes one of our pasture raised smoked ham.  Also GREAT for a quick dinner.  

These ham steaks are center cut from our very own smoked hams. The ham is cut from the upper part of the back leg of the pig. It is a large, relatively lean muscle packed with protein and essential nutrients. Smoking amplifies the rich taste of our pasture raised pork and means that the ham is fully cooked. 

All that a ham steak needs is to be crisped up in a pan to about 140 degrees before serving. Ham steaks are perfect when you need the smokey flavor of ham but a whole ham is simply too big. Pull out a ham steak, slice, dice, serve with any style eggs or add to omelettes, soup, or frittatas.

What about scalloped potatoes and ham? One ham steak is the perfect amount for one casserole dish of scalloped potatoes.

Each Red House Ranch ham steak weighs about two pounds or 2-3 servings.