Beef NY Strip Steak 1 1/4 Inches Thick

Beef NY Strip Steak 1 1/4 Inches Thick

Each strip steak weights about .5 lbs
$35.00/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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Our 100% grass fed NY strip steak is tender, lean, and a real crowd pleaser! 

Cut from the strip loin, which is the long muscle that runs along the top of the cow’s back from the rear leg towards the ribs, each NY strip steak consists of lean muscle surrounded by a band of rich pasture raised fat. The loin muscles are seldom used which gives them a uniquely tender texture combined with rich beefy flavor. 

We recommend cooking your NY strip steak hot and fast on the grill or in a pan. You want to aim for an internal temperature of around 130° for a medium rare steak, and make sure to let it rest before serving. Bring the steakhouse home and make it healthier with our farm raised beef. 

Each package of NY Strip Steak contains two steaks that weighs roughly .75 pounds. We recommend serving one steak per person.

**Did you know that grass-fed beef is higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium than conventional beef? These minerals are part of a balanced diet and help to regulate blood pressure.**