Pasture Raised Boneless Pork Chop

Pasture Raised Boneless Pork Chop

Approx 3/4 inches thick
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These pork chops taste like the pork we ate as kids, before the arrival of “the other white meat.” The flavor of pasture raised pork can’t be beat!

Boneless pork chops are cut from the upper mid-section of the pig. They are either cut from the rib section or the loin section. Rib section chops have more intermuscular fat and loin chops have a fat cap surrounding lean muscle. We make sure to leave a good amount of fat on this cut because it is full of flavor and nutritional value, and keeps the chops moist. Regardless of which section it is cut from, pork chops are delicious!

Each boneless pork chop is 3/4 inch thick and cooks up beautifully on the grill or in a hot pan for a clean eating meal. How do you get a moist, tender and above all flavorful pork chop? The key is not to overcook. The loin chop is lean and it can easily become dry. Sear at high heat but don't overcook. If you're feeling adventurous - try sous vide to your desired internal temperature and then sear the outside.

Our boneless pork chops are packed one per pack.

** Did you know pasture-raised pork is a good source of vitamin A? Vitamin A helps to preserve eyesight and maintain healthy bones.