2 Bundles, Pasture Raised Pork Sausage Sampler Bundle *2

2 Bundles, Pasture Raised Pork Sausage Sampler Bundle *2

All four of our most popular sausages, buy two samplers and save


Save $4.36

The very best sausage is made from pastured hogs raised on field, forest, and a non-GMO blend of wheat, barley, and toasted soy beans.

Not sure which one to try first? Try them all in a sausage sampler bundle. This bundle includes an assortment of our most popular sausages. And, the more bundles you buy, the better the price.

Our sausages are made exclusively from our own pasture-raised pork, organic spices, natural casings, and salt; the perfect amount of fat and seasoning for the best flavor, nutrition, and texture. Red House Ranch sausages are delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare.

Make sure to cook all sausage in a pan or on the grill to an internal temperature of 145°. 

Here's what you get in the Sausage Sampler Bundle

1 Pack Breakfast Sausage Links

1 Mild Italian Coil

1 Hot Italian Coil

1 Chorizo Coil



Andouille: Pork, Salt, Red Pepper*, White and Black Pepper*, Coriander*, Oregano*, Chili Pepper*, Dehydrated Onion*, Garlic and, Beet Powder*, * Certified Organic Ingredients Chorizo: Pork, Salt, Pepper*, Cumin*, Oregano*, Coriander*, Paprika*, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Garlic Powder* * Certified Organic Ingredients Breakfast: Pork, salt and organic brown sugar, pepper and sage, organic spices Mild and Hot Italian: Pork, Salt, Red Pepper, Coriander, Sage, Sugar, Certified Organic ingredients.