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Pork Shank (uncured and unsmoked, AKA Hock)

Pork Shank (uncured and unsmoked, AKA Hock)

These fresh pork shanks, also known as hocks are not smoked or cured. If you’re wondering what the heck a “hock” is, it’s the joint at the bottom of the shank of the pig between the tibia/fibula and the ankle where the foot was attached to the hog’s leg. It’s not technically part of the ham, but it’s also not quite the foot yet; it’s the very end of the leg bone. The pork knuckle contains a lot of connective tissue which when it melts add great flavor and texture to the meat. In Germany, Schweinshaxe is a traditional Oktoberfest treat of roasted pork hock with crispy skin and tender meat. Pork hocks can also be roasted and added to soup for a burst of umami flavor.

These can also be used in any Oso Buco recipe.  They are fantastic

Recipe for roasted pork hock soup bones and Schweinshaxe can be found here and here

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