Pasture Raised Pork Neck Bones

Pasture Raised Pork Neck Bones

$7.35 /lb.
Avg. 3.75 lb.

Take your bone-broth to the next level with our pasture raised pork neck bones!

Pork neck bones consist of large pieces of bone with connective tissue, and meat left intact. Each piece is full of essential nutrients that are a part of a clean eating lifestyle.

Our secret to nutritious, savory bone broth is cooking it in the oven at 180 degrees for a full 24 hours. Bones can be roasted first in the oven to get a darker broth or simply added to the pot with water and your favorite aromatics.

Pork neck bones can be used alone in broth or combined with chicken or beef bones for extra flavorful broth.

What can you make with pork neck bones?

Some of the most delicious, nutritious bone broth you've ever tasted!

Use pork bones alone or combine with beef and/or chicken for additional layers of flavor.

Here's another way to use pork neck bones. If you love, like we do, roast pork with rich brown sauce start with pork neck bones, water, aromatics, salt and pepper, just as you would make turkey gravy starting with necks and wings.

Cook til you've extracted all you can from the bones, and reduce to intensify flavor. Season to taste and thicken if necessary. Serve over pork chops or over slices of pork butt roast.

Each package of Red House Ranch pork neck bones weighs about 3 pounds.  As these are sharp bones they can not be vacuum packed and may contain some frost.  Still perfect for broth.