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Red House Ranch Sausage Sampler Bundle

Red House Ranch Sausage Sampler Bundle

Try all our silvopasture raised pork sausage.

This package contains 1 each of our sausages made with organic spices:




Mild Italian

Hot Italian


Andouille: Pork, Salt, Red Pepper*, White and Black Pepper*, Coriander*, Oregano*, Chili Pepper*, Dehydrated Onion*, Garlic and, Beet Powder*, * Certified Organic Ingredients Chorizo: Pork, Salt, Pepper*, Cumin*, Oregano*, Coriander*, Paprika*, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Garlic Powder* * Certified Organic Ingredients Breakfast: Pork, salt and organic brown sugar, pepper and sage, organic spices Mild and Hot Italian: Pork, Salt, Red Pepper, Coriander, Sage, Sugar, Certified Organic ingerdiant

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