Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steak

Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steak

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Avg. 8 oz.

Beef skirt steak is a thin, flat muscle. It has a very wide grain and requires a quick, hot sear for optimal tenderness and flavor. 

Use our grass-fed beef skirt steak to make omega-6 rich tacos or fajitas that everyone will love!

Skirt steak is the perfect solution if you're looking for a beef cut that can be ready in a flash. Our favorite method is grilling but flashed up in a pan the skirt steak will not disappoint. 

Making beef fajitas? The skirt steak is a great choice for both flavor and texture. For a low, low carb meal simply sear on both sides to your desired level pink, slice thin across the grain, top with Chimichurri, and serve with a fresh green salad. 

Each Red House Ranch Beef Skirt Steak portion weighs about .75 lbs and serves 2-3 people.