Who We Are

Ike and Dave Mallula
Ike and Dave Mallula

Dave and Ike are part of a new farmer movement that is sweeping the country.  As the average age of farmers in the U.S. is steadily increasing (during the past 30 years the average age of U.S. farmers has grown by nearly eight years, from 50.5 years to 58.3 years) there is a new push to get young people excited about farming.  Dave and Ike are part of this group that you could call new old farmers.  After growing up on a farm, moving to the city, going to college, and spending 30 years at desk jobs, they have now found themselves being drawn back to their family farm.  Rather than retiring and spending idle days basking in the sun, Dave and Ike decided to spend retirement producing quality food with sustainable methods that will encourage others to make the leap from office cubicle to sustainable farm.


Dave attended Alfred State College and has become an expert is several trades. He was a sheet metal fabricator at Kodak in Rochester, NY for 23 years. For nearly 30 years, Dave has grown organic garlic for the Canandaigua farmer’s market. Currently, he is a full time heating and air conditioning technician servicing central New York. Dave also has three grown kids. Growing up on the Mallula farm with his brother Ike and later spending summers there with his three children, Dave gained a lifelong interest in farming and quality food.


Ike has spent a large part of his life traveling around the world for different technical jobs.  He has an engineering and project management background and currently works for a telecommunications equipment manufacturer.  His mantra, “Food is medicine,” has fueled the desire to produce high-quality meats for his community.