Recommended Reading for Improved Health

Let’s face it. Both Dave and I are knowledge-driven people. We didn’t just choose one day that the grass-fed, clean eating lifestyle was trendy and decide we wanted to be on board. We read a ton of material that convinced us of the benefits of our lifestyle, and the undeniable facts continue to impact the food decisions we make.

The Partnerships that Make us More than Meat and Eggs

When we chose to take our farming from hobby to business, we knew we needed the support of other small business owners to help us with the parts of the process we aren’t equipped to handle. Our goal was to partner with small, local businesses who are as committed to ethical, humane treatment of our livestock as we are.

Why Buying Clean, Local Food is Worth the Investment

Everyone buys food. But not everyone has fully embraced the clean-eating movement, so we’re going to cut straight to the chase. There’s a common myth that clean, locally-sourced foods are priced higher than comparable products you can find in the grocery store.

RHR Thanksgiving Favorite – Roasted Pastured Turkey

There is nothing more inviting than the smell of a roasting turkey on a cool Thanksgiving morning, and nothing tastier than the juicy, savory bird next to your favorite fixin’s. At RHR, we have a simple turkey-roasting recipe that we’re happy to share in the spirit of Thanksgiving-day planning and preparation.

Pre-Thanksgiving Showdown: RHR vs. Grocery Store Turkey

At most Thanksgiving dinners, a succulent, savory turkey is the focal point of the table and will undoubtedly be a fan favorite at dinner. If you’re the one responsible to cooking this year, it might seem easy to pick up a bird from the freezer section of the grocery store while you’re buying your yams and green beans.

What Goes into Makin’ the Bacon?

When it comes to meat, there is one type that, without a shadow of a doubt, is every carnivore’s favorite protein. This meat candy (otherwise known as bacon) is perfectly suited for any keto, paleo, or other LCHF diets. This delicious pork product is versatile and not just made for breakfast.

11 Clean-Eating Foods to Keep Stocked in Your Kitchen

We all know that eating clean has tremendous positive effects on our well-being. From your body’s physical state, to the physiological aspects that affect its function, to mental health – putting whole, unprocessed foods into your body help fuel it to perform at its highest level.

The Online Shop is Open for Business!

This week we are very excited to announce that our online shop is now open and ready for business! Our first batch of chickens was processed on Friday, July 14. We have whole, split, and quartered chickens as well as livers, hearts, necks, and feet all available for order.

Dry-Aged vs. Wet-Aged Meat

After an animal is slaughtered, enzymes immediately start breaking down muscle tissue, making it more tender. In the beef industry, this process is called aging and can last anywhere from three days to several weeks.