Ground Pork

Ground Pork

1 Pound Pack

Get the best of the whole pig with our pasture raised ground pork!

Our ground pork is made from a mixture of all of the trim from our pigs. It has the perfect ratio of fat to lean for optimal taste, texture, and nutrient density. Ground pork is a good source of omega-3s and vitamin E.

Our ground pork is a rich pink color and full of flavor from the the life they lead here on field and in forest. Foraging only provides part of their nutrition; they're fed a rich mix of non GMO feed for the protein for optimal growth and health.

Ground pork is unseasoned and can be used in many recipes. Add ground pork to meatballs, meatloaves or hamburgers. The flavor of pasture raised pork shines when combined with Mexican flavors in tacos, empanadas, and enchiladas.

One of our favorite meals made with ground pork is Frikadeller or Danish Meatballs.

Made with pasture raised ground pork and a few other basic ingredients you're likely to have on hand, this meal-time fav can be prepared quickly. Frikadeller pair well with any veg but are traditionally served with potatoes and red cabbage.

Better make extra - your family is sure to ask for more. Danish meatballs are easily frozen, too. Make a double batch and save one in the freezer for another meal.

Click RIGHT HERE to get the recipe for Frikadeller.

Each package of Red House Ranch ground pork weighs one pound - enough 2-3 servings.