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Pasture Raised Pork Tenderloin

Pasture Raised Pork Tenderloin

Truly the most tender part of the pig, our pasture raised pork tenderloin is a healthy, lean meat for your next special occasion. 

The tenderloin is the long, thin muscle that lies along the inside of the ribs, next to the spine. It is a rarely used muscle, which leads to lean, incredibly tender meat. Pork tenderloin is a very healthy meat. It is a great source of protein, and, because it is so lean, can help to reduce blood pressure. 

Pork tenderloin should be cooked hot and fast in order to make sure that it doesn’t get dried out. We love to marinate ours before throwing it on the grill or in a hot pan. Aim to cook your tenderloin to an internal temperature of between 140° and 145° before slicing and serving. 

Each Red House Ranch pork tenderloin weighs roughly one and a half pounds which is enough to serve three to four people. 

** Did you know that pasture-raised pork is higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin than conventional beef? These vitamins help keep the nervous system healthy in addition to playing a part in the process to release energy from food. **



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