Pasture Raised Hogs

written by

Chris Mallula

posted on

October 14, 2023


Pasture raised pigs play an important role in improving soil health. Red House Ranch pigs roam freely on sunny pastures and in forest shade. This method of grazing is called "silvopasture" and is the optimal environment for raising healthy pigs. Pigs are intelligent and need a stimulating environment, plenty of exercise in an outdoor space to accommodate their natural desire to root in the soil. In this type of environment pigs are not only happy, they are also very healthy. Red House Ranch pigs eat grass, shoots, roots, and grubs they find in the field or on the forest floor. But, that's not enough to sustain and grow a healthy pig - they require additional carbohydrates and protein. We feed our piggies a non-GMO mix of wheat, barley and toasted soybeans. Our feed mix is corn-free; we believe this feed blend combined with pasture gives our pork an exceptionally delicious flavor profile.

You can eat pork from Red House Ranch worry free. The care Red House Ranch hogs receive combined with corn-free feed results in happy, healthy pigs and ultimately pork with a good amount of fat and amazing flavor.  Our animals have absolutely no exposure to routine antibiotics or hormones, agricultural chemicals or fertilizers and especially no CAFO-like living conditions. Once pigs have rooted through an area, they are moved to fresh pasture.

The clean flavor of pork raised locally on a regenerative farm in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region by people you know simply can't be beat. In this video Ike talks about raising hogs on pasture, natural rooting behavior, erosion, latent seed bed, rotation of hogs and cattle over the same ground, and how pasture raised hogs play a part in our regenerative farming operation here in Van Etten, NY. To learn more about how hogs are cared for at Red House Ranch click HERE

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