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Beef Picanha Roast

Beef Picanha Roast

Approximately 2 lbs each

Picanha - not an easy cut to find - also called Sirloin Cap is very popular in South America and now it's popular in the US as well.

This roast is sure to be the star of your dinner table for a special occasion or weeknight meal. Oven roast it whole and serve with your favorite sauce or cut your roast into steaks, skewer and grill over fire.

Red House Ranch beef is dry aged for at least two weeks. Dry aging brings out the very best flavor of grass fed and finished beef. Our picanha roast has been dry aged for at least two weeks - you can expect a tender, juicy bite, packed with flavor and nutrition only found in grass fed beef.

Each package of Red House Ranch picanha roast weighs roughly 2 lbs, or servings for four.

** Did you know that grass-fed beef is higher in vitamin A than conventional beef? Vitamin A helps to preserve eyesight, maintain healthy bones, and have healthy growth and reproduction. **