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Pasture Raised Pork Shoulder Steak

Pasture Raised Pork Shoulder Steak

Looking to expand your repertoire of healthy weeknight meals? Look no further than the delicious, under-recognized pork shoulder steak! 

The pork shoulder steak is a one inch thick cross section of the pork butt, which is the upper section of the pork shoulder. It consists of a section of bone along with multiple lean muscles bound together with intermuscular fat. The combination of bone, muscle, and fat makes this cut extra flavorful and nutrient rich.

Pork shoulder steaks are comparable to a pork chop, but need to be cooked more low and slow. We recommend either cooking them in a pan over medium heat to an internal temperature of 145° or reverse searing them. To reverse sear, begin by cooking the steaks in a 325° oven until they reach your desired internal temperature. Then sear the steaks in a hot pan on the stove top to get a nice crust. 

Each package of Red House Ranch pork shoulder steak weighs roughly two and a quarter pounds and contains two steaks. This is enough pork to feed two to three people. 

** Did you know that the fat from pasture-raised pork contains higher levels of vitamin A than conventional pork? Vitamin A helps to preserve eyesight, maintain healthy bones, and have healthy growth and reproduction. **