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Imagine if you will, a world with no meat. Imagine a world where people solely dine on fruits, vegetables, grains and processed grocery store foods. While there are vegans and vegetarians who base their diets on these types of foods, adapting this concept for everyone could have a lot of unintended consequences. Meat is important…(Read More)

At most Thanksgiving dinners, a succulent, savory turkey is the focal point of the table and will undoubtedly be a fan favorite at dinner. If you’re the one responsible to cooking this year, it might seem easy to pick up a bird from the freezer section of the grocery store while you’re buying…(Read More)

The low prices on supermarket chicken come from treating chicken production like manufacturing plastic widgets.  Unfortunately, the chickens, farmers, and the environment are all abused in the process. A federal lawsuit has been filed by former chicken farmers in five states.  They have accused the major poultry companies of colluding to fix farmer contract prices…(Read More)

  After an animal is slaughtered, enzymes immediately start breaking down muscle tissue, making it more tender.  In the beef industry, this process is called aging and can last anywhere from three days to several weeks. Small poultry like chickens do not require aging and can be processed within a number of hours without a…(Read More)

What is silvopasture, why did we choose this method, and why does it matter to you?  We are very fortunate to live only 30 minutes from Bret Chedzoy, one of the leading experts in silvopasture.  For a good introduction to the concepts of silvopasture, check out Bret’s YouTube video. Silvopasture is a method of…(Read More)