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Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Rotational Grazing is the Heart of our Regenerative Farm.

No Grain Ever | On Pasture Always | Humanely Raised | Antibiotic-Free | Hormone-Free | GMO-Free

How do we produce clean, perfectly marbled, robustly flavored, and highly nutritious beef... that's also good for the planet? It comes from our natural farming practices. Our cattle are moved daily on pristine pastures, free of herbicides, pesticides, and industrial fertilizers. Our regenerative model improves soil health and increases wildlife biodiversity.

Eat worry free. Direct from a family-owned, regenerative farm in Van Etten, NY.

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Carnivores like us don't like to see anything go to waste.

If you're a "nose to tail" beef eater like we are you'll be happy to find these rather unusual cuts right here at Red House Ranch in Van Etten, New York!

We're delighted to be able to bring our fellow clean eating carnivores, Keto, and Paleo friends a selection of organ meats including grass fed beef hearts, liver, kidneys, tallow, marrow bones, tongue and oxtail.

Boost your nutrition with super nutrient dense, grass fed and finished beef morsels worry free - they come to you directly from Red House Ranch in Van Etten, NY - a regenerative farm owned and operated by Ike and Dave Mallula.