Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Rotational grazing of cattle is at the heart of our regenerative farming operation.

Grass fed and grass finished, our cattle receive no grain whatsoever. They are moved to fresh grazing areas daily over pristine pastures. This type of rotational grazing is the heart of our regenerative farming operation and is fundamental to improving soil health, increasing wildlife biodiversity as well as producing perfectly marbled, robustly flavored, and highly nutritious beef. Rotational grazing provides the optimal growing environment and the highest quality food for our cattle. Red House Ranch pastures are clean with no exposure to pesticides, herbicides, industrial fertilizers. In this environment our cattle live and grow without routine antibiotics or growth hormones. Eat beef from Red House Ranch worry free. Rest assured our beef comes to you directly from a family-owned, regenerative farm in Van Etten, NY.
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Beef Neck Roast

4.5 lbs each

$9.98 /lb.
Avg. 4.5 lb.
$11.49 /lb.
Avg. 2.2 lb.
$7.59 /lb.
Avg. 5 lb.
$6.95 /lb.
Avg. 5 lb.
$6.00 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.
$11.98 /lb.
Avg. 2.25 lb.
$9.98 /lb.
Avg. 1.4 lb.
$15.00 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Carnivores like us don't like to see anything go to waste.

If you're a "nose to tail" beef eater like we are you'll be happy to find these rather unusual cuts in our online store. Be sure to check out some of our tastiest pasture raised beef bits. We're delighted to be able to bring our fellow clean eating carnivores, Keto, and Paleo friends a selection of organ meats including grass fed beef hearts, liver, kidneys, tallow, marrow bones, tongue and oxtail. Boost your nutrition with super nutrient dense, grass fed and finished beef morsels worry free - they come to you directly from Red House Ranch in Van Etten, NY - a regenerative farm owned and operated by Ike and Dave Mallula.