Free Range and Cage Free

At any given time Red House Ranch is home to about 1,500 laying hens. Our chickens are raised on pasture, in the sun, and fresh air. They are NOT confined in cages. They always have a shelter - we call these shelters egg mobiles and they protect our flocks from rain, snow, wind, and predators. They're frequently moved to fresh areas of pasture. This method provides lots of room for chickens to move around, scratch in the soil and eat any grass and insects they find. There are no tiny cages to inhibit natural chicken behaviors; our hens are free to roam on the pasture and roost where and whenever they want. Laying hens cannot survive and lay eggs on grass and insects alone; they are fed a blend of Non-GMO grains. Very few large scale egg growers actually implement a truly free range, cage free system for laying hens like the one found at Red House Ranch in Van Etten, NY.